Hardwood rc4

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Hardwood rc4

Also not an innuendo

A 3CP map in which you infiltrate a generic facility behind a generic set of roofed structures
This map had a weird layout for 3CP, I could have fixed it with a lot of work but it needed a total remake anyway so here we go!

Screenshots as of b2:

As always, all and any feedback is greatly appreciated!
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP

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Latest updates

  1. Final

    Cutting my losses and releasing as-is with pre-x5 last. This contains some patch notes from rc3, x4, and x5 too. Changes: - Reduced time on cap for B by 30 seconds as it's an easy cap, max cap time from 7 minutes to 5:45 - Various rendering fixes...
  2. Experimental C changes

    -Significant routing updates for blu on C, just want to see how this plays. If it doesn't work out, I will return to rc4 (unreleased) and push as is. -Minor clipping fixes -Minor update to B Known issues: - fence on A will partially pop out at...
  3. experimental

    While blue won 2/3 rounds on a3a, the points were held much better. I am continuing with experimental builds to see if this trend is sticking now that red has better resources but an easy A - Brightened ambient - Fixed skybox water hopefully -...

Latest reviews

This map is so beautiful without looking at it from a gameplay perspective. Stunning on it own
I love this map! Keep up the stellar work in future projects, Squishy!
From my experience playing this map, it has almost always either hard-rolled to Last or hard-held at first. I haven't seen a proper defense on 2nd in months, and that is really frustrating to me when the entire point of the map is having 3 Control Points to defend. Attacking in this map is typically a frustrating experience for me, as no matter what I try to do on either of the relevant points it always feels like a huge slog to push. A lot of BLU's routes put them at an awful height disadvantage to where the good setup spots are, and it makes pushing honestly just a frustrating experience overall. And when it's not height disadvantage, it's a spammy hallway or doorway that Hardwood obsessively makes use of. Defending is a lot more fun than attacking, mainly because defenders often get the chance to either push into BLU's area (A) or they create a near impenetrable fortress (Last and A) that makes it really unfun to try and attack. Detailing wise, I think Hardwood shines brightly. It's smart with where it places subtle little details to make the map feel just real enough for me to be like "Wow, this feels so real..." (Shocking, I know.) I'm not personally a fan of the dusk lighting, but it does make it visually distinct from the other "Forest" themed maps like Domain, Landfall, and Undergrove, which I must give it credit for in that it knows its niche. I used to really like Hardwood. I really and truly did. But the more I have played and tested this map, especially this year, the more disillusioned I have been with the map itself, and it's really disappointing that the map went from a decent 7/10 to a meh 4/10.
Wood (Translation: Pretty good map if I do say so myself)
It's good and fun, it's like mountainlab but better
Looking good! I like maps with big trees. Plus, it's always nice to see Attack/Defend maps, especially ones that are 3CP!