Hardwood A32a

Also not an innuendo

  1. Wow nearly a month since the last update

    I've been feeling burned out on everything, maybe torrid/tarpit updates soon???
    anyway this update brings:
    *Updated clipping
    *Despaghettified the blu structure just before B
    *Made the blu approach to B shorter, the blu approach to C a lot shorter
    *Made C somewhat thinner and a bit shorter too
    *Changed the C dropdown to a staircase
    *Made the C lobby thinner
    *Changed red's A spawn and blu's C spawn to be less awkward
    *Removed dropdown route to B for blu
    *Probably more changes I'm forgetting
    *Added a bit more cover for blu around the C area

    Hopefully B isn't too easy to cap now, same for C. I guess I'll find out!!
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