Hardwood A37

Also not an innuendo

  1. More C changes

    Maybe C can be capped now
    This update brings:
    *Made height advantage at C lesser
    *Added a new blu route up onto C
    *Made it so the B-C connectors are more blu sided
    *Added a sign at B so red doesn't go into a deadend room
    *Made it clearer you can't get onto the balcony on the A-B connectors
    *Moved moneyface from the edge
    *Stopped props floating
    *Removed some resupply signs for blu's first forward, to hopefully stop red being confused
    *Increased timer by a minute - ABP I sort of agree with what you said but I also don't want the map to be an endless slog
    *Probably some other changes I forgot

    cp_hardwood_a270000.png cp_hardwood_a270002.png cp_hardwood_a270003.png cp_hardwood_a270001.png
    As always, feedback is cool and appreciated
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