Hardwood A37

Also not an innuendo

  1. Smaller update

    This is focused on making B a bit easier to cap
    *Blu highground in the B left connector is a little better
    *Blu health in the structure before B has been moved
    *The (blu) left doorway into the main area for B has been removed to hopefully focus players more into the other routes
    *Broke a sightline from the B connector into red highground at A so now blu players might have a better chance once they're in that room - getting into it is still a bit hard though, might have to widen the doorwayas
    *Fixed some stuck spots
    *Clipped a fence
    *Added some more health and ammo before A for attackers
    *Made a wall at A jumpable
    *Fixed minor things around A itself
    *Shrunk cover on B for red highground over the point and added cover for blu on the point itself

    Not any massive changes, maybe I'll do a somewhat larger overhaul of the B connectors for blu so that they're not 'spaghetti'
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