Hardwood A37

Also not an innuendo

  1. Wow more remade points

    A25 and I've remade a lot of the map again!! Maybe by A60 I'll have gotten a fun B point as well.
    The new C point is based around a beta racetrack calutron instead of gas centrifuges, I felt like this allows for more interesting gameplay spaces. Both the new B and C are a lot more open now and gameplay spaces a lot more 'airy' in the C area, and B is outdoors now because it's prettier

    This update brings:
    *Remade B and C points due to deeply ingrained issues with the core design of them
    *Fixed minor issues around the A area
    *Made truck smaller

    Thanks to Emil for the great feedback on the B-C connectors, and blu entrances to C, and on B itself
    Thanks to everyone else, especially Phi, for the feedback from imps and such
    Thanks to Beto and Idolon for beams feedback
    Maybe the points will be interesting and enjoyable this time around?

    cp_hardwood_a250010.png cp_hardwood_a250009.png cp_hardwood_a250008.png cp_hardwood_a250007.png

    As always, all and any feedback is greatly appreciated
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