Hardwood A37

Also not an innuendo

  1. A is better I hope

    This update brings:
    *Made A wider, changed both blu and red routing into the area. Hopefully this works to eliminate red's only valid holding spot being the balcony + only one of blu's routes really mattering. Also gives blu a proper flank to the balcony sentry that they can use to destroy it from a distance a little more easily
    cp_hardwood_a240002.png cp_hardwood_a240000.png
    *Moved blu's first forward spawn back
    *Nobuild computers on B
    *Moved a doorway on B + added cover to block a nasty sightline
    *Removed half of red's balcony on C and closed up a hole they could sit in. This should mean that there are fewer places that blu has to check for red players when entering the room from any entrances + also will concentrate red onto a smaller collection of routes
    *Fixed some clipping and other minor bugs
    *Probably more things I forgot


    Finding B is awfully frustrating to work on. Might just trash the current version and make a new point, the routes into it are weird and it's probably the weakest point on the map as of now yet I don't know what to change. Ideas for that are appreciated
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