Hardwood A37

Also not an innuendo

  1. Small again

    This update brings:
    *Swapped around the highground and lowground states of the A entrance routes + added a little cover nook for blu attackers. Should make it harder for red to camp if blu can coordinate their attacks, the balcony watching over the main blu entrance is very exposed against the highground entrance that blu has into the area
    cp_hardwood_a230001.png cp_hardwood_a230000.png
    *Added more health before C
    *removed one way gate at C - red players felt boxed in, maybe being able to push out a little could help against that
    *Added a little more height at C
    *Made a one-way window two ways
    *Probably more things that I forgot
    *Made truck less small
    *Halfed height that blu needs to climb up after A
    *Moneyface moneytime

    Honestly, idk what to do with the map. I guess the hardest bit is figuring out what to change when the map is mediocre to make it good, might end up remaking routes into A or some other big change
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