Hardwood A37

Also not an innuendo

  1. cool stuff for C and the rest of the map!!

    This update brings:
    *A really big truck
    *Better lighting in the A-B connector
    *More signs
    *Cooler blu entrances to C - wider lower entrance and better middle entrance + top entrance
    *Made a health smaller at A
    *Fixed clipping at A
    *Added an A crouch jump onto the red highground, for blu
    *Made ramp onto red highground (red approach) larger to incentivise going up there
    *Made 1 way glass on B 2 ways
    *Added some cover + ammo on the red highground at B
    *Made C's upper area a bit thinner and made C longer
    *Linked blu's highground at C with red's, blu's entrance to it is 1 way so red can't flood back out (might revert if uncool)
    *Fixed a clipping roof in the opening area-A connector
    *More stuff I forgot probably

    As always, all and any feedback is greatly appreciated.
    I wish I had the energy to do cool chin-esque changelogs, but the general gist of my changes is I want the points to be more consistently defendable. After that I'll move to beta!!

    I hope you're happy dan
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