Hardwood A37

Also not an innuendo

  1. Cool important things

    This update brings:
    *Changed the values of some pickups and moved a lot around to make them far more obvious (I hope)
    *Changed blu entrances into B slightly
    *Changed A-B connector in regards to the height elevation and cover
    *Removed the red bridge by A
    *Blu now has a lot less cover at A
    *Moved blu's original spawn respawnroom visualiser further up
    *Moved blu's 2nd forward spawn so it's facing towards C more
    *Changed the lower route into C so hopefully blu has a harder time sneaking past sentries
    *Made C capzone smaller
    *Changed balcony at B slightly
    *Removed delay between spawn switching on B to C for red spawns
    *Added another hard length of wood
    *Probably a few more things I forgot

    as always, all and any feedback is wonderful

    cp_hardwood_a210000.png cp_hardwood_a210003.png cp_hardwood_a210002.png cp_hardwood_a210001.png
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