Hardwood A30a

Also not an innuendo

  1. B harder to attack, A and C easier?

    This update brings:
    *Made B harder to attack by giving red a proper sentry spot - a new platform where the nobuilt block was
    *Made the doorway at A's house roof wider slightly
    *Removed blu's highground fence at C and replaced with a handrail, so now the highground has an actual use instead of being a pointless dropdown
    *Changed the centrifuges into models to hopefully solve a cutlinked list overflow error
    *Lowered C slightly and clipped the lip (sorry psy)
    *Moved a pickup at C
    *Clipped some things
    *Fixed a visible nodraw

    I'm considering moving the red highground at C back a bit so they can better cover the point itself + see people on it

    Screenshots of A20:
    cp_hardwood_a200002.png cp_hardwood_a200000.png cp_hardwood_a200001.png
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