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  • Reduced brush count across map

  • Reworked the area under point

Staging Area
  • Fixed seams between displacement and ramps
  • Extended the left tower (attacking pov)
  • Fixed missing texture on red doorways to concrete
  • Reworked spawn building to improve rollout


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  • Optimisation improvements - area portals and skybox closed off at spawn
  • Removed some unnecessary clip brushes

  • Added prop-jump to ledge
  • Opened chicken-wire building next to ledge

Staging Area
  • Removed concrete flank route

  • Decreased cap time by 2 seconds (10s>8s)

  • Added window above drop down to allow vision to players hiding in the corners or camping above drop down
  • Fixed misaligned texture on ramps
  • Made door frames thinner at choke

Staging area
  • Fixed misaligned window textures
  • Fixed misaligned texture on flower bed
  • Replaced ramps with stairs on concrete
  • Redone blockbullet clips on conveyer belt
  • Applied nodraw that should have already been on some brushes

  • Fixed misaligned window textures
  • Fixed blu textures on red side above spawn

  • Removed a large amount of outdoor lighting that was no longer necessary
  • Lowered both roofs on mid
  • Reduced the angle of the further back roof
  • Moved small health and medium ammo behind the point up slightly to avoid blocking teleporters
  • Adding missing pillars to chicken wire building
  • Added crates inside the chicken wire building
  • Fixed misaligned textures in upper area behind point
  • Sealed up the temporary fence at the upper area behind point
  • Fixed misaligned textures on the roofs on the building above the upper area behind point
Staging Area
  • Fixed floating lights in cubby holes
  • Fixed misaligned textures under the point
  • Added missing textures under the point
  • Fixed asymmetrical displacement
  • Reworked the right exit from spawn
Number 10!!


Fixes misaligned textures on blu side

Added elevation leading up to drop down
Made drop down wider (now 32u from 16u)

Tucked the fence in on the right exit to reduce dead space
Fixes misaligned no entry signs on spawn doors
Increased respawn time for attackers from 10s >12s and defenders from 14s >16s
Revamped environment lighting, shadows, sun, skybox and fog

Scaled down chicken wire at choke
Fixed misaligned roof textures
Made middle and lower area wider

Staging Area
Fixed misaligned roof textures
Fixed seam in displacements
Fixed misaligned texture on ramp to concrete
Made hiding spot crates non solid (should have already been the case as they were blockbulleted)
Fixed asymmetrical fence placement on concrete
Clipped fences on concrete
Fixed misaligned texture on doorframe on concrete

Fixed misaligned textures on the outside of spawn rooms
Fixed missing light on blu side
Fixed seam in displacements
Fixed misaligned texture on ramp to upper area
Fixed displacement clipping into floor inside a building
Fixed misaligned texture on support beams
  • Adjusted the capture zone to include the hazard tape in its area
  • Added hazard tape around point which lines up more accurately with the capture zone
  • Changed the team_control_point entity to be invisible and replaced it with team-coloured lights similar to koth_ashville (Credit to Rorek)
  • Smoothed clipping on the boxes under the point

Staging Area
  • Adjusted displacements on "no mans land" in the staging area in order to create a hill
  • Sewn displacements behind fence in the staging area
  • Added a fence to the concrete entrance to the staging area
  • Fixed a texture at the upper area on the blu side
  • Added a pillar under the conveyer belt in the staging area
  • Smoothed clipping on the barrels under the conveyer belt

  • Pushed the spawn room back to make the spawn area larger
  • Added more cover in the spawn area
fixed door prop misaligning
fixed textures misaligning
Major Changes
Detailed the entire map, not quite to an art pass but enough so it looks pretty.
Added sneaky hiding spots by the left route (spawn pov)
Changed the name of the map
Changed sun angle slightly
Removed balls