Goldpit rc2

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Fixed a strange case of a missing chunk of func_respawnroom at the bot main spawn area
Adjusted nav mesh to fix a couple of poor connections

Update by sntr
Goldpit man appreciates it.
Added a full ammo kit at B gate
Fixed bots attacking from spawn on left dropdown
Fixed sentrybuster not being stunned in advanced mission
Fixed Rescue ranger's penetration upgrade preventing it from being shot at the frontline
Improved clipping

Updated Clickin's expert mission
- Updated Clickin's Expert mission
Map changes:
Removed displacement seem
Made the lighting more realistic in one particular area

Mission changes:
Wave 2: reduced the rate of supports
Wave 6: reduced the boss health to 55000 from 70000
Added Mission Blood Diamond.
Expert mission created by Clickin.
Map Changes:
Fixed displacement clipping in spawn
Fixed end of the wire being visible
Added goldpiles to smoothing group
Fixed wooden support fading out within visible range
Added clip to foward upgrade station
Added a sign on fence near gate A

Mission Changes:
Wave 2
Reduced max active and total count of scouts
Reduced max active of soldier

Wave 5
Changed Black Box soldier to Burst Fire soldier

General Changes
Shield Medics now ignore enemies