Goldpit b15

mvm map with classic dustbowl theme

  1. b15

    Fixed bots attacking from spawn on left dropdown
  2. b14

    Fixed sentrybuster not being stunned in advanced mission
    Fixed Rescue ranger's penetration upgrade preventing it from being shot at the frontline
    Improved clipping

  3. b13_missionupdate2

    Updated Clickin's expert mission
  4. b13_missionupdate1

    - Updated Clickin's Expert mission
  5. b13

    Map changes:
    Removed displacement seem
    Made the lighting more realistic in one particular area

    Mission changes:
    Wave 2: reduced the rate of supports
    Wave 6: reduced the boss health to 55000 from 70000
  6. b12_missionupdate1

    Added Mission Blood Diamond.
    Expert mission created by Clickin.
  7. b12

    Map Changes:
    Fixed displacement clipping in spawn
    Fixed end of the wire being visible
    Added goldpiles to smoothing group
    Fixed wooden support fading out within visible range
    Added clip to foward upgrade station
    Added a sign on fence near gate A

    Mission Changes:
    Wave 2
    Reduced max active and total count of scouts
    Reduced max active of soldier

    Wave 5
    Changed Black Box soldier to Burst Fire soldier

    General Changes
    Shield Medics now ignore enemies
  8. b11

    Fixed forward upgrade station door
  9. b10

    Map Changes:
    Fixed bots capping gates occasionally going into the spawnroom for uber.
    Added Nobuild in a building

    No Mission Changes
  10. b9

    Map changes:
    Fixed displacement seem
    Fixed nav issue in several areas

    Mission Changes
    W1 reduced spawn timer and totalcount for some bots
    W2 Removed two shield medic pairs (or one I cant remember)
    W3 Reduced giant charged soldier
    W6 Reduced health of giant pyro from 75000 to 70000, Reduced health regen from 200 to 100. Increased spawn timer for giant soldiers from 15 seconds to 20 seconds

    General: Vaccinators now use regular mediguns