Gold Valley A3

KOTH map taking place in an abandoned mountain gold mining town.

  1. Another Update

    • Added another path to center
    • Shifted top spawn door to the side to stop door below from clipping up and blocking player's movement
    • Adjusted ramp in center side buildings to allow more cover when heading up
    • Made center side building's walls facing opposite team's sides smaller to allow for easier attacks on sentries and players in the building
    • Added a lower window on center side buildings to allow for sight inside and out from it
    • Adjusted cap time from 12s...
  2. Big Update

    • Massively reworked center point
      • Removed the two connected arch buildings at center and replaced with two buildings in line with center point
      • Added two buildings on either side to add some closer height advantages
      • Added underground tunnels to go from side buildings to center buildings
    • Added third spawn exit
    • Added some stuff to block sightlines
    • Rotated Spawn positions
    • Fixed Floating Walls