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Mann Vs. Machine
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  1. Workshop release

    Added detail Improved detail at certain parts Popfiles updated Some minor changes for comfort in playing (not needing a crouch jump for certain jumps) Workshop release Looking at this it looks like a small update. But since its mostly visual i...
  2. B5a has been released!

    Since B5 had some clipping issues (and even a bug where projectiles went through displacements) i made B5a. The theme is now made less bright. And alot of EArkham's props have been added. A and B have been swapped in its position (visualy)...
  3. More detailing and updated missions!

    Updates: - Missions updated (a v1 and v2 of advanced 1 are made to cover changes that were made after the test, v2 being the one to be tested and v1 being the outdated one) - All map regions are now detailed (some areas have basic detailing only)...

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That is fuckin' beautimus!