Skullcove Final

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Skullcove Final

By UKCS-Alias

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A halloween mvm map. This map is small in size by being about the same length as decoy. It contains 4 paths for the zombies to take and 2 paths for the tanks where the zombies can spawn at multiple locations. There is 1 bomb reset option which is the deathpit and there is a pushback zone. However, depending on the action bots are able to take a diffirent path (if they walk over the middle to reach the other side its by design).

There are 2 missions for the map.
Nightmare which is slightly easier than the nightmare difficulty of valve.
Horror which equals or exceeds valve's expert difficulty.
I was working on a version even harder than that but since its rare and hard to test with a capable team i removed it since the old version didnt work that well.

And a small story on how i started on this map:
After ramparts (which i dropped) i stopped mapping due to lack of time and interest. When mvm came out i started on some custom mvm waves and was able to make some nice well playing creations without using any special classes. However, at some point you start getting mvm map ideas. Snowbat wanted to start on one but lacked an idea. I did draw one and he created it, at some point i decided to join in the project and we made a blueprint. I refined that blueprint to an actual playable alpha version.
He would start on the details. But as i kinda got bored after finishing that alpha blueprint (i got back in the mapping spirit - some things you just cant get fully rid off) i decided to just see if i could make a halloween version so i wouldnt harm snowbats creation. This is the result.
And this while snowbat never started on the normal version. Maybe ill make it later on. But again, i cant realy tell how my mapping spirit is
First release
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Mann Vs. Machine

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Latest reviews

I played Skullcove a long time ago as one of those "community mvm maps" you don't know much about. It felt like modified Coaltown with some Halloween thrown in there. Honestly, I say more defined/original maps have come out for MvM since this release, but at the same time this was a high point when it was new. Still a great map though.