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  1. spoc13

    What are these bushes?

    In the page with Dan's tall pine tree model, there is an in-map example where the map also has bushes! I want to use those bushes but I am not having any success in finding them. Help! Any other advice in finding good leafy props would be appreciated as well...
  2. Stiffy360

    Douglas Fir Trees 2.0

    A collection of 6 Fir Trees of various sizes. It's recommended to use -staticproplighting -staticproppolys and -textureshadows for light calculation. Vrad Entries for texture shadows. forcetextureshadow props_forest/tree_douglasfir01a_opt.mdl forcetextureshadow...
  3. Stiffy360

    Aspen Trees 1.0000001

    A collection of 6 aspen trees of various sizes. Includes summer, autumn, and dead varieties. It's recommended to disable self shadowing for the props, and use -staticproplighting -staticproppolys and -textureshadows for light calculation. Vrad Entries for texture shadows. forcetextureshadow...
  4. Stiffy360

    Scotts Pine Tree Pack 1.0

    Early Preview of a Park Ranger Pack I'm working on. Comes in both a normal and a winter version.
  5. Freyja

    Ivy Pack v1

    ~~~~~IVY PACK~~~~~ Version 1.0 by Freyja ~~~~~INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS~~~~~ Place the "Ivy_Pack_v1" folder in Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\custom\ If you're installing an updated version, make sure to delete the old version's folder beforehand! ~~~~~ALTERNATE INSTALL...
  6. Vapour-shark

    Little Crop of Horrors v2

    Repurposed a cosmetic I made into a map prop, originally used for SFM but has been optimised as a gameplay element. Key Features: - 3 amateurish idle animations. - 3 LODs, - A bodygroup to remove the pot. - Basic gibs if you wish to blast her to pieces. Let me know if you use it! I would like...
  7. Stiffy360

    Stiffy's Palm Tree pack 2018-04-03

    A series of palm trees made for Team Fortress 2. They have collisions and some variants. There are 4 sizes for each model, skybox models, and variants with and without coconuts. Textures by Void
  8. EArkham

    Revised Japanese Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Trees B1

    Japanese Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Trees Apparently I am the foliage guy now. Created by EArkham 2017 ***PLEASE SEND ME A PRIVATE MESSAGE ON THE TF2MAPS FORUMS BEFORE ADDING ME AS A FRIEND OR ELSE I WILL IGNORE YOU BY MISTAKE!*** Some...
  9. EArkham

    Giant Sequoia Trees B3

    Giant sequoia trees. Comes in six parts: Lower trunk, middle trunk, upper trunk, and lower foliage, middle foliage, and upper foliage. Each set is 1024 tall. There is also a skybox version of a full tree plus skybox sized foliage. Stack one upper trunk/foliage set for a "short" sequoia...
  10. Quin

    Portal 2 Ported Foliage 2016-03-30

    Contains various Foliage models (mostly vines) from portal to that can be used in TF2 i wouldn't reccommend using them if you want to have extremly good performance, as they can be quite demanding