Garner A18


  1. The Big One

    Well, here it is. The biggest update this map has ever gotten. Let's get cracking!

    Tore down the walls in the first courtyard and replaced them with fancy barriers
    20190713124247_1.jpg New spawn room 20190713124255_1.jpg 20190713124259_1.jpg Spawnroom courtyard #1 20190713124328_1.jpg Spawnroom courtyard #2 20190713124306_1.jpg Fancy vent thing 20190713124251_1.jpg Entire new area 20190713124311_1.jpg More of said...
  2. The Finale Event

    I added a small but useful sniper sightline and added the finale event

    Finale event....
    20190703124047_1.jpg I just removed a box to open a sightline 20190703123955_1.jpg

    Smaller Changes Include:

    - Fixed some fade distance issues

    - Re-used the leaking methane to create rocket fuel for a nearby warhead
  3. Quality-of-life

    I've been on a mapping streak since summer started, so here's another update.

    Reduced the amount of empty space in this cave and made it fancy
    20190702171849_1.jpg There's a resupply locker here now, and the door was moved slightly so you have a straight shot from the ramp to the door. Also the door is now two doors that separate so it doesn't clip through the roof 20190702171828_1.jpg Added fog 20190702171908_1.jpg Widened the mid concrete high...
  4. Really just details

    This is mostly just alpha detailing for blu side, but there are a few gameplay tweaks

    Blu spawn detail
    20190629123109_1.jpg 20190629123122_1.jpg Lowered the wall here to prevent demos from camping mid from far away 20190629123128_1.jpg Grate spawn detail 20190629123117_1.jpg

    Also removed collisions of certain props so you dont get snagged on them
  5. Optimization!

    So, I skipped a14 because I made Garner KotH for 1 version, and yea not many people liked that, so here we are

    There is now a second capture zone at the top of the hill where the minecart stays for 15 seconds, goes down the track, stays at the original capture zone for 15 more seconds, then leaves
    20190628141501_1.jpg The Trifecta 20190628141513_1.jpg More alpha detailing 20190628141535_1.jpg 20190628141529_1.jpg 20190628141522_1.jpg Added areaportals...
  6. The Pit is gone

    The pit flopped, so here's a11 but better

    Added some alpha detail
    20190621233312_1.jpg 20190621233321_1.jpg 20190621233315_1.jpg Fixed an interesting texture choice 20190621233328_1.jpg The ramp going up to mid is now a staircase and added more cover 20190621233342_1.jpg The Barrier is back! 20190621233306_1.jpg Extended this wall out to prevent a nasty sightline 20190621233423_1.jpg Shortened this building's ceiling and added a small...
  7. THE PIT

    I moved the objective under mid, in a hatch that opens when the minecart rolls in 20190618215007_1.jpg The Pit 20190618215142_1.jpg I replaced the eyesores of walls at mid with sheds, which also helps nerf some nasty sniper sightlines 20190618214948_1.jpg Inside the shed 20190618215201_1.jpg

    Small changes include

    - Adjusted Clipping

    - Made textures more consistent and less messy...
  8. Red dirt

    Yea it's been a while

    20190609193516_1.jpg Made the medium health pack at mid large 20190609193719_1.jpg Added health and ammo to this side room 20190609193557_1.jpg 20190609193539_1.jpg 20190609193546_1.jpg 20190609193657_1.jpg Did a detailing pass on some buildings 20190609193621_1.jpg Made the rocks red

    Small changes include:

    Adjusted clipping

    Regulated the gas...
  9. Things make more sense now

    Most of this update is just quality of life, so yea

    Made this bump thing a vent
    20190519112735_1.jpg Added a small room to mid to weaken sentries 20190519112821_1.jpg Added a lower spawn exit 20190519112849_1.jpg Replaced the ramp dropping down to the mines with a dropdown 20190519112916_1.jpg Also made the bump at the top of the ramps near mid make sense
    also made the ramps up to the peak of the map a net covering coal or gold
    20190519112743_1.jpg ...
  10. Yeah not much

    Hello again, it's been a few hours since an update, huh?

    Not many visual changes come with this update, the main change is that the minecart doesnt appear as frequently

    Small changes include:

    -Replaced the extremely shiny concrete textures

    -Added some more neat textures

    -Adjusted some more clipping

    -Added a patch under a healthpack

    -You cant go on the pipes at mid anymore

    -Mined more...