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  1. Le Codex

    Stash A4a

    Mann Co. has come around, and has required of the mercs that they deliver the Australium they gathered from all those robots. Will they do it? NO! Of course not! They much prefer to fight over which team is going to have to pay up. And by pay up, they mean killing each other to steal the other...
  2. thysponge55

    pl_papyrus a4b

    Hello!! Another map on it's way! This time a far more ambitious (my first try at a) Single Stage Payload Map. I am super early into play-testing and getting feedback and nothing is finalised. I've done my texturing and detail to give a flavour of what the final map will look like! The map...
  3. Ovalos™

    pd_helium A2

    Player destruction map set inside a zepelin gondola, the pickups are australium bars. The point is some sort of platform that lowers when enabled and starts burning right as it goes away, I know this makes no sense but I thought it'd be fun so what the hell. This map was made for the Pick it Up...
  4. Cindycomma

    Garner A18

    A Player Destruction map set in a mining facility or something. The main gimmick of the map is that the players are collecting australium from killed enemies. A minecart barrels down middle every once in a while and stops at the designated capture point. Deposit your ingots there!
  5. BenCo

    koth_mineshaft A5

    A map idea come into my mind so I Decided to create it.
  6. Simsal

    72hr The Golden Boys V.1

    An SFM poster created to highlight 3 of my loadouts I have achieved through trading/unboxing in TF2, including some of the unusuals and australiums I aquired! I made the poster focus on the loadouts the most as well as instead of using pre-set poses, challenged myself to make the scene all from...
  7. Ferru!

    72hr My Loved Sniper 2017-02-10

    Well, my last poster was too old for the jam. But hey! I love doing those things, it's just my favorite game boys. I'm an old player of TF2, since it becomes free to play and my first class was the sniper. I played like 500 hours with my poor internet (like 180 ping) and enjoyed every second...