Garner A18


  1. The Big One

    Well, here it is. The biggest update this map has ever gotten. Let's get cracking!

    Tore down the walls in the first courtyard and replaced them with fancy barriers
    20190713124247_1.jpg New spawn room 20190713124255_1.jpg 20190713124259_1.jpg Spawnroom courtyard #1 20190713124328_1.jpg Spawnroom courtyard #2 20190713124306_1.jpg Fancy vent thing 20190713124251_1.jpg Entire new area 20190713124311_1.jpg More of said area 20190713124316_1.jpg Closed this doorway 20190713124355_1.jpg Made this a little cubby 20190713124352_1.jpg Opened up this area 20190713124335_1.jpg 3rd cap zone 20190713124340_1.jpg Routes to new area from caves 20190713124322_1.jpg

    Let's see how this goes!

    Btw I added objective signs
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