Garner A18


  1. Optimization!

    So, I skipped a14 because I made Garner KotH for 1 version, and yea not many people liked that, so here we are

    There is now a second capture zone at the top of the hill where the minecart stays for 15 seconds, goes down the track, stays at the original capture zone for 15 more seconds, then leaves
    20190628141501_1.jpg The Trifecta 20190628141513_1.jpg More alpha detailing 20190628141535_1.jpg 20190628141529_1.jpg 20190628141522_1.jpg Added areaportals and hints for great amounts of optimization 20190628141649_1.jpg 20190628141622_1.jpg More fancy posters 20190628141749_1.jpg 20190628141727_1.jpg Added this window here to show players that the side route exists 20190628141817_1.jpg 20190628141823_1.jpg Added this small porch to the second courtyard 20190628141759_1.jpg Made this health pack here medium 20190628141803_1.jpg
    Smaller changes include:

    Opened the window at mid so you can walk through it

    Made the large health pack at mid small

    Adjusted clipping and skybox brushes

    Honestly it's a surprise that the mercenaries aren't dead by the natural gas leakage
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