Garner A18


  1. The Pit is gone

    The pit flopped, so here's a11 but better

    Added some alpha detail
    20190621233312_1.jpg 20190621233321_1.jpg 20190621233315_1.jpg Fixed an interesting texture choice 20190621233328_1.jpg The ramp going up to mid is now a staircase and added more cover 20190621233342_1.jpg The Barrier is back! 20190621233306_1.jpg Extended this wall out to prevent a nasty sightline 20190621233423_1.jpg Shortened this building's ceiling and added a small deck 20190621233348_1.jpg Shorter slope 20190621233355_1.jpg The 3rd spawn exit is blocked off 20190621233404_1.jpg 20190621233413_1.jpg More mid 20190621233334_1.jpg
    Smaller Changes Include

    - The building at the bottom of the slope at mid now has 1 window and both entrances connect

    -Adjusted clipping

    -Added more cubemaps

    -Added more soundscapes

    -Adjusted health and ammo slightly

    -Added some subtle details here and there
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