Garner A18


  1. Breathing Room

    I finally figured out that the layout is too koth-like, and so here we are.

    I am still having heavy emphasis on height variation, so from a top-down view the map looks very straight, although many areas are layered over others

    Made the spawn courtyards smaller and closer to mid
    20190407144754_1.jpg Added a small side area near the flank route in the valley 20190407144819_1.jpg Added a structure to jump from into another new building 20190407144859_1.jpg The same new building 20190407144906_1.jpg Added these lower caves for flanking 20190407144836_1.jpg Entrance to the cave 20190407144846_1.jpg Another room leading to the cave 20190407144827_1.jpg A high-up view of the valley 20190407144814_1.jpg Level Overview 20190407145120_1.jpg Another look at mid 20190407145254_1.jpg
    ignore the scout corpse
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