Gamma A8

Lethal levels of radiation, don't forget to open the window.

  1. Alpha 8

    Alpha 8
    • Changes to layout around control point.
    • Map slightly smaller.
    • Control point slightly larger.
    People are complaining about the gameplay (and everything else), so let's test more! yay.
  2. Alpha 7

    • Some big changes to layout around control point.
  3. Alpha 6

    Alpha 6
    • Fixed spawns.
    • Blocked some sightlines.
  4. Alpha 5

    • Some 'alpha' art pass around mid point.
    • Minor changes to gameplay.
    I want to test gameplay a little more before final artpass.
  5. Alpha 4

    • Added extra route to reactor room.
    • Minor changes to layout around control point.
    • Added fog.
    Not many changes... I want to test the current layout a little more.
  6. Alpha 3

    • Major changes to layout around control point.


    1. 20191114152102_1.jpg
    2. 20191114152052_1.jpg
  7. Alpha 2

    • General improvement...
    • Removed cp_junction feeling (added skybox 2d).
    • Removed small pickups from BLU side.
    • Added some extra cover to attackers.
    • Some "alpha" art pass around spawns.
    • Pitfall bottom now have gabe texture because I want.
  8. Alpha 1 yet

    • Changed filename to Gamma.
    • Removed unwanted custom texture.