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  1. Mess About

    radiation a1

    a small (probably underscale) ctf map with a small gimmick : players can attack each other from their intel rooms through a small window (quite a sightline, just make sure to avoid going under the bridge) overview: middle area: attacking route: intel room:
  2. FrostyHoneyJuicy

    Ignabyl a2a

    Chernobyl-styled map created for the 72hr Jam 2019. Gamemode: Player Destruction. Goal: Collect nuclear waste from the dead players and deposit them into the waste zones. Version: Alpha 2
  3. Midlou

    Gamma B4

  4. MegapiemanPHD

    Cycle a5

    Layout by MegapiemanPHD Logic by Cascadial Cycle is a player destruction map set in a theme park somewhat under construction. Players kill each other to collect cores then deposit them on the park's monorail. Enjoy just sights as the Submarine Voyage and...other...things you can imagine would...