Frozenvalley A1

A bendy payload track set in a snowy mountain area

  1. Bull
    Warning: a1 is quite unoptimized

    Hey guys! Been a while since my last project but I've got a new one in the works. It's a single-stage payload map set in the snowy mountains, the name is just a placeholder for now. Both teams have one single forward spawn and there are several shortcuts opening along the road which move along with the captures.

    The track is quite long I think, and I'm not exactly sure if I'll be keeping / improving last. I'll need to see it in action first; if it sucks, I'll rebuild last as a whole.

    Hope you guys like my new project!

    Alpha1 screens: 2016-02-22_00006.jpg 2016-02-22_00007.jpg 2016-02-22_00008.jpg 2016-02-22_00009.jpg 2016-02-22_00010.jpg 2016-02-22_00011.jpg 2016-02-22_00012.jpg 2016-02-22_00013.jpg