Frigate A3 Hotfix

A two point, one stage Attack/Defend CP map set on a RED frigate.

  1. Forgot to repack... here ya go

    This is the repacked version of the A3 hotfix release, cuz I'mm a dum dum and forgot to pack it. If you wanna see the changes, see the hotfix post.
  2. Frigate A3 Hotfix

    Just a quick update before the map gets launched for playtesting, both from me and the map. As for the map's update, the following has been fixed:

    - The water is no longer purple and black.

    As for me, I'll be starting college soon and have been going through waves upon waves of depression and anxiety so there won't be as many maps or updates from me. I hope you understand.

    Other than that, I hope you enjoy this version of the map that started from crappy and has progressed to not as crappy!
  3. Alpha 3: The Quality of Life Update

    Another bit of time mapping, another update!
    20181026124918_1.jpg 20181026124905_1.jpg 20181026125000_1.jpg 20181026124930_1.jpg
    Here's the full changelog:
    - Toxic water now does 3 damage rather than 5
    - Bullets can no longer go through the crane
    - The crane's clipping isn't just a box anymore; the base can be walked upon
    - The crane's base has been replaced with a regular brush to make it look better
    - Respawn times reduced
    - Added a arrow towards the underwater...
  4. Alpha 2: The Layout Update!

    Frigate has taken its next step towards its completion!
    20181024160831_1.jpg 20181024160840_1.jpg 20181024160849_1.jpg 20181024160903_1.jpg 20181024160909_1.jpg 20181024160931_1.jpg

    Key features of this update include:

    - Red team's top spawn door is no longer one way, and the window facing Blue spawn has been turned into a glass window rather than an open one
    - The area just outside Blue spawn has been overhauled, complete with side routes and a...
  5. Repacked

    Oops! Forgot to repack the map...
    Well, that's done! Now it should be a lot smaller in size.