Frigate A3 Hotfix

A two point, one stage Attack/Defend CP map set on a RED frigate.

  1. LiquidX
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    In the RED Harbor, a frigate containing precious resources can be found. However, BLU has snuck their way in to try and pillage the ship, and RED must defend their ship from the coming intruders! Who will harvest the harbor?


    This is my first time uploading here! Woo!

    I started work on this about a few weeks ago, and have become pretty attached to it. However, I need help finishing it. That's why I'm here to deliver my alpha of the map for all of you to test and provide feedback for. The main thing I need help with is detailing (I've never detailed a map before, so I'd rather leave it up to someone who actually knows what they're doing in that department). Other than that, it's just tweaking the layout to make sure it's balanced and fun.

    Those things aside, it's perfectly playable, complete with two points, health/ammo pickups, a mostly finished layout, and toxic water! Watch your health gauges!

    Be sure to leave feedback so I can actually finish this project!