Foris b10

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The water at the last point no longer kills people, some changes to reflect this and improvements on gameplay and lighting.
More area portals and hint brushes were added around the map
The water area around point C was removed and replaced with ground
I realised that the update title shouldn't be called 'beta/alpha X' :p
Fixed issues with packing custom assets
Disabled shadows on trees
Fixed glass textures
Further clipping and optimization
I forgot to pack the custom assets with the map. Now fixed :/
Added a sign
Fixed some overlays
More clipping
Removed a flank route at point D
Improved clipping around C and D
Added a 3D skybox
Small changes to A
New skybox texture (no 3D skybox yet)
Blocked a sightline from the bridge on B to point C
Added some gravel to make the platform around C more accessible
More clipping in indoor areas
Other stuff I forgot about