Foris b10

A map wherein BLU team attempt to blow up a lake.

  1. Ruffer
    The layout is taken from my previous map, pl_waterworks, but the map has changed so much since I last updated it that I felt like it needed a new page. It uses the alpine theme.
    I'm planning on improving clipping and polish, but I'm not changing some of the detailing (like the trims around most of the buildings, which have bad clipping issues) because it would need a complete overhaul.
    20170503215330_1.jpg 20170503215410_1.jpg 20170503215436_1.jpg 20170503215453_1.jpg 20170503215502_1.jpg 20170503215514_1.jpg 20170503215526_1.jpg 20170503215534_1.jpg 20170503215551_1.jpg 20170428221718_1.jpg