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  1. Tango

    Razor's Edge _a5

    Razor's Edge is an alpine themed map named after the lyrics of a song. (That being Paul Engemann's "Push it to the limit.") Feel free to comment your thoughts!
  2. Yoshark

    pl_bombastic_forest b6b

    A payload map set in a forest. Has a Train Hazard that the cart crosses. Here's the vmf (Version b6b, google drive download) Payload Checklist Contest Entry - Checks: Payload crosses hazard Payload crosses over own path Payload goes straight for 1,500 units Payload goes down 256 units in...
  3. Ruffer

    Foris b10

    The layout is taken from my previous map, pl_waterworks, but the map has changed so much since I last updated it that I felt like it needed a new page. It uses the alpine theme. I'm planning on improving clipping and polish, but I'm not changing some of the detailing (like the trims around most...