Flurry RC5

A snowy KotH map with a train that runs through mid

  1. Velvott
    Flurry is a KotH map made for the Connect 5 mapping contest. It has snow, water, trains, birds... Basically any average KotH map. But unlike any other KotH map, Flurry has an enormous flank route straight past mid for a sneaky scout or spy to slip past, as well as a train that runs through mid seconds after the point is capped. So when you hear the railroad signal, you better hightail it off the point or you risk a potential team wipe!

    Extra credit to Seal Zebra for partial detail and map design

    And a huge thanks to Jack5 for helping with constructive criticism along the way


    1. newlightingRC4V2.jpg
    2. newlighting111.jpg
    3. board1_compressed.png

Recent Updates

  1. Optimization!
  2. Fixed the tiniest issues
  3. Re-Added cubemaps

Recent Reviews

  1. Jack5
    Version: RC4 v6
    You have not bothered to optimise your map, as such the entire map renders at once and causes FPS issues for players. Please add hints, skips and areaportals.
    1. Velvott
      Author's Response
      No, I did not add any of those, but the reason behind that is I tried using areaportals and they all stayed closed even when they filled a doorway. I have no idea how to use skips and hints, are they used to optimize viewportals? And yes, In RC5, all props will have fade distances and the map will have some fog to make it that much prettier.
  2. Jack5
    Version: RC4 v5
    Because you used the same filename for your cubemapped version, it is dangerous to use this map on community servers (results in "Missing map" or "Map differs" errors). Please recompile with a new version number.
  3. Jack5
    Version: RC4 v2
    Definitely is a huge improvement from all of the other previous versions, except for the obvious displacement edges being unchanged. Worth trialing this map on custom gamemode servers.
  4. Shpigun
    Version: RC5
    Nice work! I like it!
  5. Jack5
    Version: RC3
    Displacement edges are very obvious and most of the rooms in the map are too small and undefendable as Engineer.
  6. Assorted Memes
    Assorted Memes
    Version: RC1
    This is a fantastic design, with a fantastic aesthetic!
    My only complaint is that you have kinda overdone the icicle effect.