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Fishfood A3

Steal the enemy's intelligence on scenic and smelly Fish Island

  1. ExtraCheesyPie

    After your team's undercover Spy goes silent, your team decides to retrieve the intel themselves. Luckily, you both already have active bases on Fish Island. It should be a cinch, right?

    Set on a very spy-techy semi-frontline themed island, heavily inspired by Doublecross (perhaps too much)

    I studied the mistakes of various CTF maps very carefully, and I ensure that the map has several things:
    • Paths that don't cross the spawn.
    • An intel room that allows for sentries to be taken out more easily
    • Each area has some flanks to prevent heavy choking
    • No sniper balcony. They have to make do with what the rest of us have to deal with.
    • Lots of height variation
    • (hopefully) sufficient health and ammo
    And who doesn't like GIMMICKS?? In this one, the intel moves progressively up a step every time it's captured, and have the return time reduced by 10 seconds. It should create a more tense and close battle.

    Thanks to:
    • The Frontline Pack for the concrete textures
    • @Zurby beautiful and tragic Harambe decal
    Thank you, like, comment, and subscribe. I'm gonna try to get it tested soon.


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