Doot Doot Desert

Doot Doot Desert A1 fix

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Doot Doot Desert A1 fix

When Skeleton gets a Skeletan

Welcome to Doot Doot Desert, a 5cp map set in Egypt.

Why Doot Doot Desert? Well, deserts are dry, as are skeletons, and they live in deserts anyways. And I needed a fitting name.

I really hate most 5CP maps because I feel like the gameplay is too dull. Not enough height, the standard badlands-esque ending area. So I decided to make my own. The best would to describe it would be Granary meets cp_egypt's height variation. There's a massive central spire on 2nd, the mid point is raised up with accessable rooftops all around, and 3rd is... I don't know, some sorta ruins. Beats me.

I've got a good feeling about this map, which probably means its terrible. But i'll go for it.








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Symmetrical CP

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Latest updates

  1. I forgot to make it symmetrical

    I sorta fucked up, and I didn't move over a crate that should've been on both teams. Also added a rope to the other side, and changed the skybox texture while I was at it

Latest reviews

Played this during the gameday. I see what you're going for but for what you've done so far it's executed in not the best way. I think some of the height variation, especially around the middle point, need to be taken out. It requires having knowledge of far too many spots at the same time and is kinda overpowered in some regards. Along with that, the map is very clustered and packed, and needs to be simplified more and have easier to remember and understand paths, as I got lost a lot.
Otherwise, the two last points are pretty decent, so i'd say there's potential. It just needs to be worked on ;)