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A2 Changelog:
  • Added hazard tape to the point to display the boundaries better
  • Lowered some of the walls around the point
  • Made the far route when exiting spawn less hidden (however this may open up some sightlines if snipers get far enough to spawn camp)
  • Made mid wider by 192 units (in the direction of the enemy)
  • Added a new route/exit closer to the cliff edge
  • Added some more height variation to the previously flat area next to the point
  • Made the train faster (500 to 800)
  • Made the train longer (added more cars)
  • Adjusted the train door texture to better show that it doesn't open by players
  • Added some more rumble for when you are near the train
  • Added props to the prop door near spawn to show that it is a Real Fake Door
  • Changed the glass texture in lobby so it is tinted green, and easier to see as glass
  • Fixed getting stuck between the rocks and the boardwalk near the cliff edge
  • Furthered bot support with some nav_avoids
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