KotH Ellicott A2

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Lets try something new!
Jul 28, 2015
Ellicott - Fight over the old Ellicott City landmark; the B&O Railroad Station!

Based on my home of Ellicott City, this map has players fighting over the train crossing on the edge of the old city. Be careful though, as that train brakes for nobody!

It's a little project I've been wanting to make for a couple months, so I took a small break from the contests to push it out. I've never made a king of the hill map before, but it seems fun so I'll be giving it a shot!

A2 Screenshots:
20170521183833_1.jpg 20170521183846_1.jpg 20170520112412_1.jpg 20170521183903_1.jpg

20170520112404_1.jpg 20170520112412_1.jpg 20170520112457_1.jpg 20170520112526_1.jpg
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Stale air
Aug 31, 2014
Something about this map's layout is making me really excited to see how it progresses!

Also, it was a great idea to put a full health pack in a location that might otherwise not see too much fighting.


Lets try something new!
Jul 28, 2015
A2 Changelog:
  • Added hazard tape to the point to display the boundaries better
  • Lowered some of the walls around the point
  • Made the far route when exiting spawn less hidden (however this may open up some sightlines if snipers get far enough to spawn camp)
  • Made mid wider by 192 units (in the direction of the enemy)
  • Added a new route/exit closer to the cliff edge
  • Added some more height variation to the previously flat area next to the point
  • Made the train faster (500 to 800)
  • Made the train longer (added more cars)
  • Adjusted the train door texture to better show that it doesn't open by players
  • Added some more rumble for when you are near the train
  • Added props to the prop door near spawn to show that it is a Real Fake Door
  • Changed the glass texture in lobby so it is tinted green, and easier to see as glass
  • Fixed getting stuck between the rocks and the boardwalk near the cliff edge
  • Furthered bot support with some nav_avoids
20170521183833_1.jpg 20170521183846_1.jpg 20170521183903_1.jpg

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Jan 7, 2015
This is so weird to me because i used to live around there and i know exactly where you got this inspiration! Small world.