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Edited Nav Mesh Collection #1 - CatComp 2022 April Fools f3

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Edited Nav Mesh Collection #1 - CatComp 2022 April Fools f3

Zany Maps Ahoy with TFBot Support!

This is a small collection of the navigation meshes used in my Competitive TFBot Series, CatComp. More specifically for the recent April Fools Map cup. Each map that has been played in the cup, as well as a few unused maps that were going to be included but were cut for various reasons, are in this folder (it's a .zip by the way).

Nav Mesh Notes:
af_roz18_a1 - The Map itself is outdated. Bots partially work on this map, as they will go after the objectives but will not know where the proper capture zones are.

cp_1gorge_a1 - Bots work flawlessly but the map itself doesn't really mesh well with bots. They don't know to avoid the big crusher thing and sometimes will end up stuck inside the Control Point platform from it.

cp_busytown - (No Notes)

cp_depankeep_b2 - Like most G-Pit A/D maps, bots tend to have a hard time deciding to choose what point to go after first. They do eventually make up their minds though. Depan Keep is not a Medieval Mode map, by the way.
-- (Direct Download, open a new tab and paste the link)

cp_lazytown - Went unused in the cup because Busytown is much better. Unedited from a nav_generate. This is different from the cp_lazytown you're probably used to, as it's actually cp_lazytown_lazynitez with a different filename. Idk why it's like this but be aware of that.

ctf_minedesert_rc - Very Fast Paced with no human players. Bots occasionally have trouble walking out/in basements. Fun for Deathmatch.

koth_trainsawlaser_pro_rc1 - Bots obviously have a bit of difficulty getting through the map. Sentry Spots are scuffed for bots.

pl_badcoastbarnward_a5 - IMPORTANT!!!: If the BLU Team dies after they have capped the 3rd point, after they spawn they will run into the wall closest to the 3rd checkpoint and Payload on it. This is an issue with the bots' internal pathfinding due to the thin walls of the map. Sadly this issue is unfixable without the potential use of Engineers & Teleporters.

pl_doomsday_a1 - Bots will sometimes get stuck blocking the payload in the tunnels between 2nd/3rd due to their nature. Mechanically unfixable but you can brute force it if you try as a BLU player.

tr_cutout_b1fix - Bots ignore the train.

ttt_toes_a4 - (No Notes)

@Spipper, for AF Roz18
@Ismaciodismorphus, for PL Doomsday
@Sarexicus, for KOTH Cutout
@Maid, for TTT Toes
@Zeus, for PL Badcoastbarnward
mr.player, for A/D DePan Keep
DeDe, for CTF Mine Desert
ZetaMapper, for CP Busytown
...and the creators of 1Gorge and Lazytown!

As always, if you have any gripes about these I'll be happy to fix them! -Katsu
Katsu! :3
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