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  1. Katsu! :3

    Edited Nav Mesh Collection #4 - Payload r10

    Hey Everyone! This is a continuation of my nav mesh collection series that actually started at collection #3! Can't you believe it? Anyway, this particular nav mesh is exclusively for Payload and like, 1 or 2 other maps of variants of normal PL. You get the idea. Hope you enjoy!!! Nav Mesh...
  2. Katsu! :3

    Edited Nav Mesh Collection #2 - CatComp HL/6s Season 1 f1

    This is a collection of the nav meshes I generated & edited for both CatComp Sixes Season 1 and CatComp Highlander Season 1. Each map included in both seasons, aside from Process, Lakeside, Badwater Basin, and Upward has a nav mesh included in the file. Nav Mesh Notes: cp_5borge - (No Notes) --...
  3. Katsu! :3

    Edited Nav Mesh Collection #1 - CatComp 2022 April Fools f3

    This is a small collection of the navigation meshes used in my Competitive TFBot Series, CatComp. More specifically for the recent April Fools Map cup. Each map that has been played in the cup, as well as a few unused maps that were going to be included but were cut for various reasons, are in...