dularia A8a

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In this update I cut unneeded routes and widened/expanded the others, this should help the map feel less like a ball of yarn, somewhat. The vent entrance has been relocated so it will be found by the attacking team rather than the defending one first. (many defenders were stumbling into the vents and getting confused.

* Moved vent entrance to lobby
* Closed sunroom-to-ratmps dropdown
* Closed battlements-to-ramps dropdown
* Added bridge from btlmnts to sunroom
* Closed ramps to intel dropdown
* Extended ramps to intel route
* Extended battlements into mid more
* Removed lift/dropdown entirely
I've taken several steps in this update to make the layout read better a the last batch of testers were very confused. Without tossing out the whole layout.

The biggest change is tossing the railroad bridge over mid and opening it up. I've lengthened it a bit and raised the bottom level so its less of a height extreme. Theres also now a ramp to get up to the main mid level and walls to get rid of the crouch jump tease for the base ramps.

In the base I've placed additional signs and adjusted the texturing to make some areas more distinctive. The vent exit to mid has been given a window. The spawn how has a window as well.

On fancy fun feature that I'm testing in this version is an elevator leading from lobby to battlements. Its in the dropdown that previously had the medium health, the way the trigger is setup you can still drop down without summoning the lift to go up.

* Changed mid structure completely
* Raised lowest level of mid
* Made spawn exits more understandable
* Placed additional signs
* Simplified some geometry
* Texture adjustments, pickup patches
* Didn't add an elevator, shh, no tell.
* Added a new side route to the right
* Removed old left side route
* Added a new structure to mid
* Moved vent entrance to within the base
* Added a new spawn door at lower base
* Reduced spawn wave times.

This update aims to improve the gameplay and flow of the map. The intended main route is now the shortest route. (the one with the glass floor) with the side routes being useful for unblocking the main route of defenses.

I also fixed the respawn times, maybe too much now.
* Quarantined custom assets
* Added a railroad bridge over mid
Removed ledges on tower
Expanded tower to reach bridge
Made side entrance route longer
* Minor texture improvements

Removed custom assets as they were distracting testers too much

Added a new structure to mid
* Removed ramp from mid to battlements
* Widened route in the back of the base
* Adjusted Base interior quite a bit
* Removed tunnel from battlements
to wrangle land
* Shifted dual ramps position
* Some texture changes

I've made several changes to the base interior to make it easier to understand and to improve its flow.

Additionally I've removed the ramp leading from lower mid to the battlements (should prevent free spawncamps), as well as the tunnel leading from the highup ridge (wrangleland) to the battlements, as it was just being used for spawncamping.

The vents also have a one-way door preventing players from exiting the base through them.


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* Replaced spawn doors and lockers
* Added windows to spawn
* Removed crouch beam from side route
* Adjusted exit of side route
* Boarded up mid tower
* New Spawn Poster Font

The spawn entities were left over from when I was rather new to mapping, I've stripped them out and replaced them with the standard mapping prefabs to bring the spawn up to my current standards.

The side route used to have a crouch pipe to slow down flag carriers, people were complaining about it so I removed it and instead refactored the route so getting out requires a crouch jump (onto an oil drum) but getting in is free. This may not be the final solution because scout can still doublejump past it.

I've also added more cartcrawlers sprites and one of my patented physics cubes; Important stuff.


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