Drift a5

Drift among the seas with a dev-textured map.

  1. The Underneath Update (a5)

    Skittelz Pie
    God this is a beautiful and emotional song.

    -rollback zones
    -adjusted respawn times
    -shortened D flank to final
    -do not sue me roll
    -made red spawn to B room door two-sided
    -removed blu's one-way trigger
    -cart moves slow when on 2nd upper area
    -removed nobuild on shrubs, because blu rolls are annoying
    -minor fixes

    Screenshots tomorrow.
  2. The brickwall002 update

    Skittelz Pie
    The brickwall002 update
    This is a neato texture.

    Update Nodes:
    -added nobuild on bush on 2nd
    -added health packs near 1st
    -toned down hdr, again
    -removed collisions on sign props
    -removed door to A
    -added barrier prop to block sightline from blu spawn to B
    -fixed some overlays not being assigned to a face
    -turned A to C cap flank into a one-way RED door until B is capped
    -there are now only 5 doors in this map now (not including spawn...
  3. The Truthful Update

    Skittelz Pie
    The Truthful Update


    Update Notes
    -replaced rock with shack on D cap
    -covered D cap with a tiny building
    -roofs can be accessible, but not the higher one on D cap building
    -added lip to windows near A
    -textured things because it's bright like an angel
    -areaportals on some doors
    -shortened last horray
    -adjusted health and ammo packs
    -lots of health and ammo packs
    -adjusted lights
    -made D cap flank a one-way red door then becomes a one-way...
  4. The Door-B-Gone Update (A2)

    Skittelz Pie
    The Door-B-Gone Update (A2)
    Because I learned the right way to position my doors thanks to Discord people.


    Update Notes:
    - added new route to building by 1st and 2nd point
    - widened 2nd point balcony thing by 32hu
    - added resupplies to RED's back spawn
    - added kill trigger for deathpit
    - let there be light! added more light...