DirtyBomb a3

reverse capture the flag, send the bomb to the enemy cache in this western themed map

  1. JLuka
    bomb intel model by ChickenLover

    the bomb is what inspired this map idea

    Saddle up in a fast paced bomb delivery gamemode. Grab the time bomb and send it to the enemies weapon and moonshine cache. YEEHAW

    don't trip and fall into a noose

    (reuploaded because it wouldn't let me update the last one to pack the custom stuff)


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  1. thicc update

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  1. Sneeuw
    Version: a3
    it needs some work, first off the setup time is uneeded this isnt a A/D or payload map, 2nd the cap doesnt work sometimes, i might get the intel and bring it to there base and do everything right but it just wont cap, and 3rd the first time i looked for the intel i couldnt find it until i remembered it was a bomb so i went back to spawn and looked at the tiny lil crate of dinamite and went "is that it? surely not, he would of marked it" please mark the intel and also make it bigger and visable on the enemies back so that you know who to shoot.