Dayspring a8

A 3CP Alpine themed Payload map made for the Rule of Threes Minor Contest

  1. The Final Final Stretch Update

    Changed the opening area of the map some.
    Made the one-way door in the building by B open from both sides now
    Adjusted respawn times for both Red and Blu
    Added some tree props outside of the playable area
    Almost completely redid Last
    Adjusted some health and ammopacks
  2. Cliffhanger Update

    Completely overhauled B, adding more height and hopefully making it easier for Engies to be useful
    Added new routing into B and the area before C
    Added a one-way door into the building overlooking the path towards B
    Completely removed the cliff area and replaced it with a new route leading into the area before C
    Raised part of Red/Blu’s forward spawn to its original height to compensate for the new layout changes around B
    Added an additional forward spawn for both Red and Blu that activate...
  3. Sizin' Down Again Update

    Sized down parts of the map, namely: Last and the area surrounding it, the area coming towards B from A, and the opening area

    Attempted to fix the issues involving the respawnroom visualizers in Red/Blue’s forward spawn and Red’s final spawn

    Extended the time between enabling and disabling for the trigger_teleport in Red’s forward spawn
  4. Rollback Update

    Removed the rollback zone left over from the previous version
  5. The Final Stretch Update

    Applied NoDraw to any unseen textures to boost performance
    Added props to various places to fill out empty space and provide some better path rotation
    Partially revamped the opening area
    Partially revamped the area around B, namely Red/Blue’s forward spawn and the surrounding area
    Removed the long and windy cart path between B and C in favour of a more direct and shorter path
    Moved the C building/Red’s final spawn back and added an extra room to compensate for the new cart path
    The cart path...
  6. Spawn Update

    Sized down Last
    Completely redid Red’s final spawn
    Added an extra flank from Red spawn to Last
    Filled out Last a bit with some props
    Sized down the area around B a bit
    Adjusted the skybox around Last/Red’s final spawn a bit
    Updated Red team’s localization files
  7. Sawmill Update


    Completely revamped Last
    To win the round, Blue must now have the cart be sliced by a saw rather than hit by a train
    Train was completely removed, may re-add as a background element eventually
    Made the Sawmill area larger to accommodate it housing a control point
    Changed Red’s final spawn and moved it in closer to accommodate the change in the Last point
    Added a roll backwards and a roll forwards zone to the cart track
    Reduced the maximum round time from 10 minutes to 8 minutes...
  8. Slimmin' Down a Bit Update

    Moved in and sized down the area around Last
    Changed one of the routes leading to last from the sawmill
    Removed one of the fences around B to open it up a bit
    Changed one of the Playerclip brushes to NoDraw to prevent part of the map from rendering when not in use
  9. Stupid Sign Update

    Rotated the Resupply sign over Red's initial spawn so it's not jutting out in a stupid way