Dayspring a8

A 3CP Alpine themed Payload map made for the Rule of Threes Minor Contest

  1. DoctorDoomtrain64
    This is my entry for the TF2Maps Rule of Threes Minor Contest

    Red team's precious Sawmill is getting attacked by blue team! Stop them to protect all your precious saws, mills and wood from turning into giant explode-y chunks!

    Skybox texture made by Void


    1. pl_dayspring_a80000.jpg
    2. pl_dayspring_a80001.jpg
    3. pl_dayspring_a80002.jpg
    4. pl_dayspring_a80003.jpg
    5. pl_dayspring_a80004.jpg
    6. pl_dayspring_a80005.jpg
    7. pl_dayspring_a80006.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. The Final Final Stretch Update
  2. Cliffhanger Update
  3. Sizin' Down Again Update

Recent Reviews

  1. Parzivle
    Version: a2
    A very good map with a very good idea. I had some missing texters but I don't know if that's just my end. Other then some tracks missing, this map looks good.