Darcy A3a

A small map, based on a "gravel train station"

  1. Alpha 3: Fullbright should be gone

    Darcy's Alpha 3 version.

    NOTE: i've compiled with -ldr and -hdr, nothing special, but now you'll se the lights.

    A lot has changed since version A2, after a lot of feedback on how much snipers could kill you on the other side of the map, I had to change the entire layout in the middle.

    What can I say that are...
  2. Alpha 2: The Mid Update

    Darcy's Alpha 2 version.
    - The orientation of the sun has changed.
    - Lights are now more "realistic"
    - Changed the Skybox texture.
    - Stairs added to "train shortcuts" to facilitate navigation.
    cliped stairs.jpg
    - Added light on them too.
    - Moved the ammo pack and health kit away.
    heath kits & ammo.png
    - Added rocks in the middle for more easy flanks
    mid rocks 1.jpg

    in the next version, I’ll cover Optimization

    Leave a comment if you...
  3. now you can download it :)

    Alpha 1.
    And that's all you need to know