ctf_subway ab1

A capture the flag map with some unique elements, 'stationed' in a subway.

  1. MrFlovi
    This is my second capture the flag map and yet again the goal is to create something fun to play, with some unique elements. Intel rooms beside one another and yet again a very dangerous mid section! (Don't worry, trains don't come every 20 seconds this time)

    Custom props I used:
    - Bonk Machine (boomsta)
    - Railroad Tracks (Gadget)
    - File Cabinets (Rexy)
    - Computer Screen Banks (Void, Rexy)
    - Shop Cash Register (boomsta)
    - Lights Pack (Acumen)

    P.S: Ever wanted to have the feeling that you are so close to the objective, yet so far? Play this map.


    1. ctf_subway_ab10005.jpg
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