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  1. ethosaur

    pl_slopandslime b2

    Slop & Slime?... in TF2? You heard it right! A new, and completely original, full-conversion TF2 Payload map! This is a little "made for fun" art project, or call it what you will, thing for TF2. I will continue to polish and update it with time when I can, however, I never really intended...
  2. LastJester510

    Koth_Busytown A0

    It's noon and people are in a rush. The Busy town is active once again with a new surprise. The town that is was called Fogger the first time that it was seen. With New places to explore and Fun that awaits. Lets hit the road.
  3. RmxMi

    WIP_a1 2020-06-01

    This map's in its EARLY stages only one team has a spawn and the blue cart is what the red team must damage it's a damageable prop and you can damage it as a blue don't really know how to fix that but the red team will have a red cart blu will have to kill and when you kill a team's cart the...
  4. MrFlovi

    ctf_subway ab1

    This is my second capture the flag map and yet again the goal is to create something fun to play, with some unique elements. Intel rooms beside one another and yet again a very dangerous mid section! (Don't worry, trains don't come every 20 seconds this time) Custom props I used: - Bonk Machine...
  5. bran

    "Please Give Us Our UGC Medals" 2017-02-11

    Lyrics Hey there Valve, my name is bran I wanna request that you guys make a plan I'm so damn tired of sitting and waiting You got me all hyped up and now you're just baiting :^/ so Please give us our UGC medals, I really want to show that I got 8th place in Iron, a few seasons ago I just...