72hr 2020

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  1. Badger_

    Genuine Anger - Vintage Killstreak EP 2020-09-07

    Another year means another EP, and this time around we put together a condensed three-tracks of original tf2 themed music for your delicate ears to enjoy! Track listings: 1. This Is War 2. And I Love It 3. I Try So Hard This project was in collaboration with Mature_Woman (drums, engineer and...
  2. ✨Majora✨

    Merasmus's Glory Days 2020-09-07

    Done during the 72hr Jam as a promo for an upcoming item!
  3. Dribbleondo - Au Yeah

    Something Borrowed (SFM Animation)

    Don't take what is not yours, there could be consequences.... An SFM Short made within 17 hours for the TF2 72Hour Summer Jam 2020. Timelapse can be found here! But for now, the submission!
  4. Da_Ch33ze

    72hr 2020 Hangar detail A2

    This is my first ever detail map. Engineer has many hobbies, some of them have his head stuck in the clouds
  5. Pinewabble

    Yeast A3

    Koth map made for the 72hr jam with "custom" bread monster boss in it that bites those who are unlucky enough to be in its path, it uses the skelly-king as it's base, so it's bit buggy from time-to-time notice A2 is the 72hr-Jam version and has the boss in it (for now the bread is hibernating)
  6. Obamid

    pass_aerosol (72hr edition) 72hr

    This map was made for the 2020 72hour Jam and is intended for 4v4 Comp Passtime. This project started as a 72hr jam entry and I have expanded it on a different download features -cool ramps -ball launchers in the corner -sick Rails to GRIND credits...
  7. Clone5184

    Drybridge a3

    A King of the Hill map made for the 2020 72hr Summer Jam. The control point's on a bridge! Go cap it.
  8. MirScout

    koth_swampool a3

    72hr entry by Andrey04o and MirScout (Me). Sry for damn brush..es with DEV texture and bad close-to-walls lights. And yes, it have some crazy-close spawnrooms. Its all lack of own time in 72hr 2020 timelines. Anyways, have fun! Have used some textures from Frontline, Construction and Japan packs.
  9. Elizabeth

    Whitecliff rc1

    A mvm map set alongside the cliffs of Dover. Featuring a capture point bots can use to open a quicker routes to the bomb hatch and a totally well thought out, balanced pop file to make it all playable. Made for the 72 hr Summer Jam Birchly - layout, detailing, asset creation Elizabeth- logic...
  10. Whomobile

    koth_skipping a3

    My entry into the 72hr jam. This is a koth map where players use boostpads and a plane of water to "skip" to the centre point. To skip, you have to hold down the jump button.
  11. H1gh0nSt34m

    southerncliff a1a

    Saxton Hale got bored of wrestling with tigers and has now obtained property on Java to fight Komodo Dragons. Oh, you're coming along, too. This map is my second upload and shouldn't be as much as an eyesore as my last one. This map was first created on September 5th, 2020 at 8:00 Central...
  12. zythe_

    goldstash a5

    Map made for the 72hr jam 2020! Small mining themed koth map inspired by pl_hoodoo!
  13. pont

    ctf_hades b5

    Hades is an original Capture the Flag map set in a Greek-inspired underworld, featuring some unique mechanics! Fight to rescue Redmond or Blutarch Mann's souls from the underworld, using magical potion amphorae to help (or hinder) nearby players! Created by: Yrrzy - Project Director, Level...