1. a6

    a6 changelog:

    - less skeletons!
    20210508143626_1.jpg 20210508143637_1.jpg 20210508143642_1.jpg
    - large geo changes to intel room
    returning the quickest way out and adding extra space to push, as well as adjusting angles when pushing in, should improve both sides of an intel room fight.
    - traversing across the mid high ground requires jumping
    couriers will now have to take the low ground, allowing teams more opportunities of running into eachother during flag...
  2. a5

    a5 changelog

    - fixed an asymmetry (oops)
    - geo adjustments to connector
    - (hopefully) fixed invisible amphoras (for real this time)
    - the nearest-to-mid route out of intel now requires a jump, meaning couriers will have to take a longer path before escaping the enemy base
    - carrying the intel provides a dispenser-like effect for you and your nearby allies
    - updated a few amphora particles
    - added amphora spawn particle
    - skeletons!
    - flag now resets when dropped (not held!) in the water
  3. a4

    a4 changelog:

    - (hopefully) fixed amphoras sometimes being invisible on respawn
    - improved geometry around water
    - geo changes around mid, connectors, and lobby
    - more cover overall
    - landmarking
    - significantly reduced water hurt zone damage
    - added patches for amphora spawn locations
    - enabled halloween mode
    - new water. very murky. damage zone indicator should stick out way more against this


    1. 20210428004129_1.jpg
    2. 20210428004135_1.jpg
  4. a3

    a3 changelog:

    - added a structure to lobby, that should provide more opportunities for both defending and forward holding during a push
    - added a tunnel into lower intel
    - increased amount of ammo pickups
    - remade lazy placeholder displacements by the water
    - changed crits amphora to mincrits
    - added stuck prevention to amphoras, replacing placeholder clipping around them
    - reworked spawns
    - reworked mid
    - increased water hazard opacity


    1. 20210416002320_1.jpg
    2. 20210416002409_1.jpg
    3. 20210416002415_1.jpg
  5. a2

    a2 changelog:
    - introduced amphoras
    -- similar to pumpkin bombs, but apply various status effects instead
    - intel rooms are actually interesting
    - moved intel entrance to block sightline from intel to battlements
    - added medium health near intel entrance to support pushes in
    - adjusted deep water damage triggers
    - added visualisation for deep water damage triggers
    - ubercharged couriers (that would ignore the scare effect) are now forced to drop the flag
    - flag timers now operate on...