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  1. TheFluffycart

    Cornucopia a3

    Cornucopia is a 2CP Defuse map based in an autumn environment/train station. The map uses Crikey mode as well as Defuse logic (check my profile for the prefab), to make a new gamemode that should hopefully be enjoyable (Please turn on sv_cheats 1, and sv_allow_pointservercommands always in...
  2. chemelia

    crikeystrike v1a

    ~Originally made in 7 hours for April Fool's Gameday 2017~ ARE YOU TIRED OF: Pesky respawns? Pesky damage other than hitscan? Pesky classes other than sniper? Pesky games other than Counterstrike? Pesky maps other than Dust 2? Counter-strike costing a WHOPPING fifteen U.S. dollars?? THEN THIS...