Rift RC3

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Rift RC3

A Jungle/Mayan Ruins themed Invade CTF map.

Redmond and Blutarch are at it again, and this time their logging companies Wood Good Inc. and Binksi Logging Co. are endlessly one-upping each other in lumber production. As each tries to outdo the other, trees are rapidly disappearing from the U.S, and both companies are given an official notice by a those disgusting hippies at the Global Resource Network to stop their deforestation of the country at once. Lucky for them, the notices didn't say anything about South America. Both companies make plans to move their operations to the Yucatan, unaware that their rival is doing the same...

Logging has commenced in a remote jungle, far away from smelly hippies, but much to the loggers' surprise, these rainforests hold more than plain old trees. There's also piles of really old rocks! Building-shaped rocks, no less! These artifacts should fetch a fair chunk of change back at home, change that could be used to further extend tree-cutting capability. As the logging operations evolve into archaeological expeditions, Wood Good Inc. is astonished to find that those bastards from Binksi Logging are right in their backyard! This means war.

Welcome to CTF_RIFT! In this hybrid "Invade CTF" gamemode, pick up the bomb from the middle of the map and take it to the enemy side in order to destroy their pyramid.

Originally made for the Winter 2014 72hr Mapping contest.

EArkham for coloured khmer stone brick textures and stelae/broken face props
squintik for jungle skycards
heyo for other jungle skycards
Bulletcrops Pack for blimp and "Wood Good" signs
Mayann Pack for pottery models
Wormatty for the MvM response prefab
UEAKCrash for providing alternate testing on the HoNC server
MegaPieMan for the custom announcer lines
Muddy for help with said voicelines
And of course everyone at tf2maps.net for playing the map and giving feedback, as well as organizing the 72hr contest that made it possible!
First release
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Invade CTF

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Latest updates

  1. Release Candidate 3

    Release Candidate 3 -EXPERIMENTAL: Added a Battalion's Backup effect to the flag carrier only, halving sentry damage and resisting 25% of all other damage. -Added a round timer -12 minutes initial and max time -4 minutes added each...
  2. Release Candidate 2

    Release Candidate 2 -Added brand new custom announcer, voiced by MegaPieManPHD! -Further improved displacement cliffs -Improved optimization -Improved skycard lighting(still not perfect, unfortunately) -Fixed physics on beer bottle props -Remade...
  3. Release Candidate 1a

    Release Candidate 1a -We did it reddit!!! -Brightened everything up -Fixed pop-in errors -Added a new structure in the 3d sky -Remade most displacement cliffs -Added some extra details in sparse areas -Changed the MvM bomb response system to play...