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  1. TheFluffycart

    Cornucopia a3

    Cornucopia is a 2CP Defuse map based in an autumn environment/train station. The map uses Crikey mode as well as Defuse logic (check my profile for the prefab), to make a new gamemode that should hopefully be enjoyable (Please turn on sv_cheats 1, and sv_allow_pointservercommands always in...
  2. Sonoma

    Sphinx a6f

    A bomb defusal map I made for Microcontest #18 Dust 2.5
  3. Neketo

    Iguana A1

    Dustbowl-themed arena map. It's the defuse gamemode from Counter Strike. Blu has two minutes to bring the bomb to either of Red's control points. If they succeed, Red has 45 seconds to take it back before the point explodes. If everybody on either team dies, the other wins. Originally created...
  4. TheFluffycart

    A/D Defuse Template a1

    Welcome to another defuse template (Yes, I know I've posted it too much, this is hopefully the last one tho). As the title suggest, this is an A/D defuse in which instead of only planting one bomb, blue needs to plant two of them to win. This was actually brought up in the discord server. and I...
  5. TheFluffycart

    De_Template a7

    Updating this one last time, due to the old page being cringe. This logic aims to recreate the Defusal Gamemode from Counter Strike. This isn't the first, and it 100% is not the best, but it works without plugins so I'll take it. The gamemode works by having two CP''s locked at the start. When...
  6. chemelia

    crikeystrike v1a

    ~Originally made in 7 hours for April Fool's Gameday 2017~ ARE YOU TIRED OF: Pesky respawns? Pesky damage other than hitscan? Pesky classes other than sniper? Pesky games other than Counterstrike? Pesky maps other than Dust 2? Counter-strike costing a WHOPPING fifteen U.S. dollars?? THEN THIS...
  7. P

    Defuse Prefab a1b

    Prefab for a new game type I came up with (with help from chat (mostly one person whose name I forget because I'm terrible)). Basically CS:GO defuse, but in TF2. How it works: Red owns one control point and must prevent Blu from carrying the flag to the control point and capturing it. If Blu...